6 février 2012


The specific products proposed by Nano-H are best defined as hybrid nanoparticles : beads of adaptable size and surface with it’s own functionnalities by grafting hybrid molecules :  organic (fluorophores for optic detection) or biological (for active targeting)

Nanoparticles products from Nano-h can be useful in tracabeality and authentification products in applications including news encoding systems by incorporation into products such as nylon, polymers, textiles, thermoplastics, glasses and others. The small size of nanoparticles makes them easy and inexpensive to fabricate, and their physical complexity makes them an excellent encoding device.

Multiple compositions are proposed by Nano-h : métallic, oxide, hybrid, polysiloxanes…
Nanoparticles hydrids provide to the association between inorganic and organic compouds conferring to the nano-hybrids single and adaptable properties.