6 février 2012


With years of R&D experience in Nanomaterials and surface functionnalization, Nano-H designs, develops and manufactures nanopowders, Hybrid particles and biological coated nanospheres of high quality in accordance with their customer’s specifications. News applications and products are developed. Nano-H develops and manufactures functionnalized Nanoparticles for life science and Hightech companies.

Our nanomaterials allow the engineering of optical, electronic and magnetic properties for your applications. There are several applications that can already be brought to market. These include high-quality transparent colour nano-hybrids, nanoparticles for lasers and coding systems, authetification, biological détection, diagnostic systems, news contrast and therapeutic agents.



  • Biological detection
  • Luminescent particles
  • Radio imaging


  • Large scale detection
  • Multidetection
  • Encoding particles
  • Anti-counterfeiting systems

Diagnostics & Therapy

  • MRI
  • Vectorization
  • Therapy

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