22 février 2012

About us

Our History

At NANO-H S.A.S. we are relying on fifteen years of experience in the field of nanotechnologies, nanoparticles and nanomedicine as well as more than 10 patents, our initial innovation base.

Nano-H has won an Innovating & Excellence price from the french Ministry of Research . Cedric Louis, Pascal Perriat, Stéphane Roux and Olivier Tillement with over 10 to 15 years of experience in the Nano-Hybrid fields create Nano-H SAS in 2004.

Nano-H positions itself upstream of industrial applications and proposes its services in industrial dimensioning of innovative and validated nanotechnology solutions in laboratory phase, by the control of the entire chain of value : from proof of concept to production.

Nano-H has built a leading position in Nanomedecine, multifunctionnal and theragnostic particles.

Nano-H’s trade consists in developing and providing appropriate answers to both the application and the specifications. Nano-materials are adapted to your demands and particular settings by using innovative solutions and providing multi-parameters solutions associating functionalities as well as specific properties (physical, chemical, biological, …).

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 Our engagement

All of our teams are engaged in a quality process towards our clients. It is controlled over the whole chain, from research and development to production, Nano-H ensures a follow-up of the innovation and production processes.

Relying on our 10 years of experience in the field of nanotechnologies, a small team of researchers founded Nano-H in 2004. Nano-H is an industrial manufacturer and a developer of innovative nano materials.

Nano-H is working with high technologies industries and research laboratories who are using nanoparticles as : dye, anti-counterfeiting, tracing capabilities, medical imaging, theranostic drugs, bio-sensors,….

It offers its services of fabrication and marketing of its nano materials. Those meet very high quality criteria in terms of size and polydispersity as well as chemical and physical adaptability.

Nano-H is specialized in engineering, conception and production of polyfunctionnal hybrid nano particles. Its main activity has two themes :

(a) functional particles, with in particular the development of nano tracers, luminescent materials, magnetic and optical innovating compounds…

(b) nanomedecine : research and development in the drug sector (diagnostic and therapeutic) with the aim to go to clinical trials. A secondary activity is the proposition of research projects for the academic and industrial sector : the relevance of this activity is based on our experience as well as our ability to adapt our own products to our clients needs.

As a young french innovative company since 2005, a great part of our activity is based on research and development. However our R&D effort is permanent, Nano-H proposes materials always more performant and adaptable which come under a permanent investment policy.


Nano-H is located at the heart of the french Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnoloogy and has already been rewarded by the french Ministry of Research.

Our entire focus is nanotechnologies, with specific know how and patented processes for the preparation of nanohybrids, colloid solutions and nanopowders :

– all rare earth oxide, hybrid compounds, titanium oxide, silica oxide, ferrite…and also metallic particles and functionnalised particles with gold, platinium and silver

Nano-h has developed a process, to produce and to coat the surface of its nanoparticles with a thin silica shell that enables its compatibility with a wide variety of fluids, resins and polymers and that allows the dispersion in polar and non-polar organics solvents. This allows us to supply concentrated ready-to-use nanoparticle dispersions, eliminating the need for our customers to disperse the nanoparticles themselves. We develop specifically integrated technologies and manufacture hybrid nanoparticles and materials fit to our customers’ needs.

Our team of scientists developed new ways to synthesize nanoparticles, to enhance their efficiency and to make hybrids with organic and inorganic doping compounds.